Akemi McKee, LMT#12415
Massage with Akemi ("uh-KAY-me") at Aqua Float Spa
Aqua Float Spa


Aqua Float Spa

Want more from you’re experience? Get a float session either before or after your massage. You’re going to love this.  Aqua Float Spa is here to serve your needs.  Isolation tanks are filled with 900 pounds of Epsom salts! You are literally floating on water. This is a time to utilize for whatever your focus is. Perfect for pain relief and meditation experiences. The magnesium is just what your muscles need for recovery. Recharge your batteries. Linger in the inner waiting room while sipping hot tea or water, and relish the time to yourself. Truly a gem in the heart of Happy Valley!


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Aqua Float Spa!

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